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Kaleidoscope Playgroup – New Pre-school Premises

Ideality Consultants where appointed to design and facilitate the delivery of a new children’s nursery on derelict land in Petworth. West Sussex.

The building had to meet various key design criteria as it was subject to a 100% capital grant from the Early Years Capital Grant(EYFS) Fund. The Building programme was short and the land only leased so an offsite solution was selected.

From the initial conception of the project ideality developed the design, led the planning and building regulations submissions, co-ordinated utility searches, prepared and advised throughout the PPQ processes with recommendation for final system selection.

The final outcome was an exceptional childcare building serving the needs of the occupants and local community.

"We are extremely grateful for the wealth of knowledge and experience you have bought to the build."

Kaleidoscope Playgroup

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